Blue Eye Makeup: Choose The Right Shadows!

Blue Eye Makeup

Blue eyes = blue shadows? Many people make this mistake. For blue eyes to stand out well, they need contrast. What colors from the color wheel are they? What will they be good for? So I’ll be happy to explain it to you!

Blue eyes are typical of Europe in particular and have long been a sign of (genetic) excellence. That’s why they need exceptional make-up to help their light tenderness and blue depth stand out.

Therefore, leave the makeup tone on tone aside and take the path of contrast. The so-called colored circle. On it you will find primary colors (yellow, blue, red), secondary (which are created by mixing them) and also tertiary (which always consists of one primary and one secondary color). So you get a color spectrum on which you can find your blue color. Then you look directly opposite, into the opposite, contrast spectrum. And you are with colors that underline the beauty of blue eyes.

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The best shadows for blue eyes

Perhaps surprisingly, shades of apricot and light shades of pink, beige, golden reflections or a copper shade, coral, will develop in front of you – you can use them all for daily make-up without any worries. The Slogan Palette from I Heart Revolution will serve you perfectly, on which you will find completely soft, basic light shades and even bolder ones, with glitter or shiny ones, which you can use peacefully instead of a brightener! Just like in the photos.

Dior also has a perfect palette: 5 Couleurs , Touch shade, will make every day make-up beautiful. And if you’re also looking for one that can handle more expressive evening make-up, feel free to worry about Flawless Matte from Makeup Revolution, with 36 matte natural shades. Just for evening make-up, the range of suitable shades expands to include purple or dark gray and brown, the ones with which you can playfully handle the familiar smoke make-up. So don’t worry and play with colors!

Top pencils and mascara

You can also help the great effect with a good eyeliner. Shiseido offers a waterproof Makeup Kajal InkArtist in a beautiful Plum Blossom shade – it can conjure up a line and replace eye shadows. If you need something bold, reach for the colored liquid lines NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights . And while we’re in the purple range, you don’t even have to worry about mascara in this color: it fits on delicate pink make-up and thickens the perfect lashes. What is it about? About Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils by YSL, shade Fascinating Violet. Al EBO bet on classic black mascara Alima Pure Eyes .

Beautiful eyes would certainly not stand out without a suitably chosen make-up. Recently, the one from Lancome – Teint Idole Ultra Wear – has become very popular . The right bronzer then adds light and softness to the final make-up. Suitable for brightening and also instead of a cheekpiece. Alima Pure Face will be perfect also because in this case it is a completely natural cosmetics.

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