The Benefits Of Alternate Nostril Breathing

The Benefits Of Alternate Nostril Breathing

There are many breathing techniques, each with particular characteristics and benefits. The one with alternate nostril can help to raise one’s well-being by performing simple gestures for a few minutes.

Alternate nostril breathing: how to do it

Surya Chandra Pranayama is yogic alternate nostril breathing. Its execution is very simple:

sitting in a comfortable position, in the lotus position, or simply with the legs folded under the bust; it’s also okay to sit in a chair;

Place the left hand on the left knee and place the right hand on the face: the index and middle fingers are placed in the center of the forehead, between the two eyebrows, while the thumb, ring, and little fingers do not come into contact with the face;

With the little finger and the ring finger, close the left nostril, inhale with the right nostril, and exhale, making the exhale last at least 5 seconds;

Pause for one or two seconds and open the left nostril, closing the right nostril with the thumb: exhale through this nostril and inhale;

Hold it again for one or two seconds, then open the right nostril and close the left one with the little and ring fingers: exhale and inhale ;

Repeat this for a few minutes.

Benefits of alternate nostril breathing

This yogic breathing is translated as “sun-moon” breathing because the two left and right polarities alternate, associated, like parts of the body, with opposite energy currents but which, for general well-being, must be balanced and alternate cyclically.

The benefits are both physical and emotional :

  • Balances acids and alkalis within the body;
  • Oxygenates the blood, purifying the blood and the lungs;
  • Improves general respiratory capacity ;
  • Calms nausea and headaches ;
  • Releases physical tension, especially in the head and shoulders;
  • Calm the mind and circular thoughts ;
  • alternate left and right hemispheres ;
  • Stabilizes the nervous system ;
  • It is helpful for those who are subject to energy and mood swings ;
  • Can be preparatory to meditation ;
  • Improves concentration ;
  • Dissolves mental tired¬†and gives clarity ;
  • Cleans the sinuses and facilitates the dissolution of mucus in the paranasal sinuses, relieving the symptoms of sinusitis ;
  • Reconciles sleep and facilitates digestion.

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