Purple Shampoos: How Do They Really Work?

Purple Shampoos

If you have blond hair, purple shampoo or silver shampoo, we certainly don’t have to introduce you. Their task is to extract warm tones, which occur naturally in the hair and return like a boomerang, even with regular care. Do you know the principle on which these shampoos work, when it is appropriate to use them and when not? We’ll tell you right away. And of course we have found for you even the best of the best shampoos for blonde hair!

Why does hair turn yellow at all?

When we imagine an ugly yellow one, a homely blonde attempt will probably fly through our heads. But did you know that warm tones form the basis of all hair colors? Whether you are darker or light, they will show up during the discoloration process. In the case of blonde, it is a more pronounced yellow, and when you have darker hair, the shades go rather pale. That is why hairdressers always use a product to neutralize warm tones.

Even if you leave the hairdresser with a perfect cold blonde, warm shades will start to appear again over time. It is a natural process, but it is very “helped” by the sun, chlorine, smog or salt water, for example. That is why it is necessary to maintain a beautiful blonde mane with the help of a silver shampoo.

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What silver shampoo is for and how it works

Why use purple shampoo on blonde hair? Precisely because of the purple pigments. It can “cancel” unwanted yellow tones with them and is an ideal product for blonde or gray hair, highlights, ombré or, for example, balayage. Purple and yellow stand against each other in the color spectrum, and therefore can neutralize each other. So it is an ideal shampoo for yellow tones, unfortunately it probably won’t work for others.

Before use, keep in mind that shampoo for blonde hair is not a classic care product. Therefore, let him do a good job with color tones and after washing it, use a shampoo, conditioner or mask with a tailor-made care – of course, depending on what your hair needs. Even the best purple shampoo would dry its hair unnecessarily on its own and they could start to break more.

When do you need a shampoo against yellow tones?

  • If you have blond hair color – it doesn’t matter if you are blond by nature or not.
  • Do you have trendy silver color on your head? Then this maintenance shampoo is a matter of course.
  • You will definitely praise it as a shampoo for highlighted hair – it will pull out a beautiful light color of highlighted strands.
  • Silver preparations are useful when you already have gray. Even naturally gray hair tends to turn yellow. If you no longer want to dye them, silver hair shampoo will help you get rid of at least these warm shades.
  • And what about using purple shampoo on brown hair? This is quite a difficult question and every hairdresser will probably answer it differently.
  • Dark hair color can also wash out in warm tones, but there is no guarantee that purple hair shampoo will work for you in this case. In short, until you try, you will not find the result.

How to use silver shampoo

Before applying the purple shampoo, rinse your hair, preferably with warmer water, to make it easier to absorb the purple pigments. Lukewarm water expands the hair pores. If you wash your hair after a long time, make the first round with a classic cleansing shampoo. Only then take the purple one, which do not rinse immediately, but leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Of course, the duration of action depends on the specific product, the type of hair and your dream shade.

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