New Makeup Trends For 2021

Makeup Trends

An organic makeup that flows and blends with the environment. A collection that escapes from faces saturated with colour and approaches the naturalness that young, fresh, nude skin emanates.

Nudity instinctively enhances the shades of the eyes and lips, which become protagonists almost without intending it. New makeup trends make the smoky classic evolve from dark to light, like the sun sifting through the treetops.

A harmonious landscape in which reddish and corals appear to provide the perfect counterpoint to this natural look. It dazzles from the simplicity. It fascinates with sensitive naturalness. And you will find a retreat to the organic farm where you can reconnect with eternal youth.

Clean Skin, Free Of Impurities And Nourished

Coco Nude, a makeup remover specifically designed to cleanse the delicate skin of the eyes and lips. Formulated with natural oils and emollients that remove dirt and remove even waterproof makeup. 

It contains 100% natural almond oil that nourishes and hydrates the dermis and vitamin E, with an antioxidant and anti-free radical effect that softens skin relief and delays the signs of aging, for a skin free of impurities, hydrated, nourished and soft.

Enhance Your Cheeks To The Fullest With a Supernatural Finish

Tangerine, a new version of the Blend & Blush blush that aims to be the wildcard for your daily looks and the perfect complement to achieve that natural look that exudes youth. It is a compact, light blush with a silky texture. Brightens cheeks without drying out the skin. Three shades to create different contrasts. 

Depending on the amount and tone applied, more intense effects or more natural finishes are created. Formulated with ultra-fine pigments that allow the product to blend easily with the skin, creating a uniform effect.

The Sanctuary Of Nude Tones

Woody & Clay is the new Chroma Palette shadow palette, earthy tones that contrast with coppery or light beige metallic reflections to bring light to the look, the new trend that you are going to love! A nude range to achieve from the simplest look to the most intense eye. It is a palette of compact shadows with a soft touch and great adherence. They blend easily, allow you to work on the product and achieve a wide variety of finishes.

Defined And Voluminous Lashes

Flash Lash Mascara, with a light formula that achieves an extraordinary finish without weighing down the lashes, with a smooth texture for perfect black lashes all day long. It contains volatile oils and filming agents that contribute to the long-lasting effect and facilitate the product’s adherence to the eyelashes. Also, structuring agents add consistency to the formula. It does not stain and does not leave lumps. Paraben-free.

Soft, Luminous-Looking Lips

Earthy and beige colours are contrasted with reds and corals that enhance the natural beauty. So are Naked Elm and Nectarine. The new latest generation Mirror Lipgloss shades achieve perfect results with a simple touch. With an ultra-glossy and long-lasting finish (tested for 6 hours). A product with a creamy texture. 

Formulated to create a long-lasting film that helps protect lips without being sticky. It contains film formers that provide a sensation of hydration and comfort for soft, luminous-looking lips that remain perfect for hours without parabens or mineral oils.

Naturalness Embedded In Enamels

Naked Brown and Hibiscus nail lacquers aim to dress nails with sweet beauty combining reddish, coral and beige. Lacquers with the glossy gel look. Long-lasting, of great hardness and exceptional shine. No toluene or formaldehyde.

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