The Sound Massage With Tibetan Bells

The Sound Massage With Tibetan Bells

Tibetan Bells and their use. From deep and silent listening, which arouses emotions, colours, and images, to Sound Massage, where Tibetan Bells are positioned directly on the body.

“From the world’s roof, Tibet, the transcendent sound of an enchanted instrument, whose notes make us vibrate with all the energy of the universe.”

Tibetan bells

Inherited from the ancient tradition of Tibet and Mongolia, Tibetan Bells belong to the world of sound in its primordial form or that of “vibration”. They are forged with an alloy of seven metals corresponding to the seven chakras and the seven planets:

  • Gold-Sun
  • Silver-Moon
  • Iron-Mars
  • Mercury-Mercury
  • Tin-Jupiter
  • Copper-Venus
  • Lead-Saturn

Tibetan Bells are used today to provide new well-being, thanks to the variety of their harmonic sounds and the duration and purity of the sound emitted.

Their religious and ritual sound represents a powerful tool for entering into a relationship with the dynamic energies present in nature and is one of the most effective supports for meditation.

According to oriental medicine, the human body is crossed by vibrations and energetic waves, which put man in harmony, synchrony and symphony with the environment; therefore, when faced with a disturbance of any nature, the energy flowing in our organism loses its uniformity, thus creating distorted frequencies, accumulations and energy blocks.

The Sound Massage with Tibetan Bells creates a deep meditative state that intervenes directly on the energy points (chakras) and the brain waves, allowing a re-balance of vital rhythms, harmonizing and energizing the Bio-Energetic system.

Who is sound massage suitable for?

Sound massage is indicated for:

  • Improve the perception of your body;
  • Lower stress levels;
  • Create deep meditative states.

Benefits of sound massage

Allows you to eliminate progressively:

  • Anxious and distressed states;
  • Improve breathing and concentration;
  • Fight the most common sleep disorders;
  • Balancing the chakras;
  • Relax and balance the psychophysical charge.

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