Possible Consequences of Eyelash Extension

eyelash extension

eyelash extension is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays. It has been tested by millions of women who want to transform their image, making their eyes expressive and attractive. Artificial eyelashes not only decorate the eyes, but also make life much easier , allowing you to save a lot of time, which is usually spent on makeup. It is not necessary to paint them, because they look impressive even without mascara or shadows.

It would seem that there are some advantages from all sides, but not everything is as harmless as it looks at first glance. An unsuccessful procedure can lead to serious consequences, and this should be taken into account before using this type of beauty service.

The essence of the procedure

Today it is not necessary to have a medical education to successfully work as a lash maker. However, this does not mean that the procedure is easy to perform. It is not for nothing that it is sometimes compared with microsurgery. The building process takes on average from 1.5 to 3 hours and includes several stages:

Preliminary consultation with the master

Before starting work, a competent specialist will clarify the client’s wishes regarding the final result. He can make his own adjustments based on the individual characteristics of facial features, fit and eye shape. Then he will select the necessary material.

Make-up removal and degreasing

Come to the procedure, preferably without makeup, but if you have it, you will have to remove makeup from your eyes. Further, taking into account the type of skin, a special tool is selected that allows you to degrease the eyelashes.

Fixation of lower eyelashes

To prevent the lower lash line from interfering and sticking to the upper lashes, the specialist will fix it with special tape.


Manipulations are carried out with tweezers, with the help of which an artificial one is glued to each eyelash. Extension is performed alternately – starting from the outer and inner edges of the eye, ending in the middle of the eyelid.

Brushing and pinning

The next step of the master will be combing and giving the necessary direction to the extended eyelashes, and applying the fixer.

Eyelash extensions are true jewelry work that requires care, maximum precision and practice.


What women are not ready to go to in order to improve their appearance. However, in pursuit of fashion trends, most do not even think about the possible consequences of artificial beauty. And, after all, any beauty procedure has its own side effects . A poor-quality eyelash extension procedure can lead to a number of complications:


The chemicals in the adhesive can trigger the development of conjunctivitis and irritation of the cornea. Artificial eyelashes themselves can cause such a reaction upon direct contact. As a rule, the first uncomfortable manifestations do not appear immediately, but only after a while, while there are no specific symptoms indicating a problem.

Allergic reaction 

Among the ingredients of eyelash extension glue, there may be a substance such as formaldehyde. At the same time, the cost of a cosmetic product does not matter at all. It is found equally in both cheap and expensive adhesives. The component is quite poisonous, therefore it can extremely negatively affect the mucous membrane of the eyes, and in some cases can lead to the complete loss of your own eyelashes.


In addition to allergies to the components of the glue, there is also a risk of developing erosion of the inner surface of the eyelids, which can subsequently lead to permanent damage to your eyelashes. In this case, the price of materials is also unimportant, the probability is high in any case.

Infectious lesions

Artificial eyelashes inhibit the natural process of cleansing the eyelid skin from bacteria. The accumulation of pathogens can lead to eye infections. One of the alarming symptoms that indicate an infection is redness of the mucous membrane.

Dry eye syndrome 

Doctors warn those wishing to get a puppet look about the likelihood of painful sensations. They can be provoked by the increased exposure to air currents on the eye, associated with the unnatural length of eyelash extensions. Research has shown that the optimal length of eyelashes to protect the eye from wind and other pathogenic agents is one third of the width of the eye. Artificial eyelashes cannot fully perform this function, therefore, as a result, dry eye syndrome may occur.


Due to the increased tension created by eyelash extensions, there is a risk of alopecia. This is a pathological condition characterized by the loss of eyelashes due to damage to the hair follicle. The procedure is especially dangerous for the owners of naturally thin eyelashes. Repeated carrying out of such manipulations in this case is fraught with the complete loss of native eyelashes.


It is an eye mite, the presence of which is rarely detected at an early stage. You can become infected with this parasitic disease during the eyelash extension procedure in salons where sanitary standards are neglected. Thick fake eyelashes are quite attractive for this type of mite, and the material they are made of is excellent food for them.

Chemical burn 

Damage to the cornea of ​​the eye by chemicals can be observed if the master is inexperienced, as well as if the client does not follow the safety rules. Symptoms of a burn are manifested in the form of hyperemia of the mucous membrane and swelling of the surrounding tissues.

To avoid the occurrence of undesirable consequences, you should take a responsible attitude to the choice of the salon in which the procedure will be carried out, and the eyelash extension master. With the high professionalism of the lash maker, the appearance of side effects is practically reduced to zero.

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