Should I Dye My Hair After 50-55 Years Old?

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Hair coloring has long been a routine procedure for girls and women . However, if done incorrectly or poor-quality products, such hairdressing manipulations can unpleasantly spoil the image. You need to be especially careful about painting gray hair . Increasingly, women after 50-55 years old refuse hair dye, deciding to maintain a natural look.

Stages and consequences of graying

Gray strands can appear even at a young age . This process is influenced by various factors, including heredity. Hairdressers and stylists distinguish 5 levels of gray hair:

1 – the hair becomes dull, slight graying is observed on the temples, back of the head.
2 – 25% of the hair is gray.
3 – only half of the hairline retains its natural color.
4 – 75% gray strands.
5 – 100% possession.

The loss of natural color provokes a change in the shape of the hairstyle , because the absence of melanin leads to stiffness and wavy curls. Therefore, high-quality staining sometimes becomes a painstaking and exhausting procedure.

If we are talking about 1 or 2 levels of graying, it is worth staying at a color that is identical to your own or a few tones lighter. Stage 3 requires the use of a 2-stage painting. And if the gray hair has already reached phase 4-5, you will have to apply a special blondoran to restore the softness of the hair.

To paint or not – what to choose

Ladies of venerable age are often faced with a dilemma – to become a blonde, a brunette, a brown-haired woman, or to leave everything as it is. There is no definite answer here and cannot be. Each woman determines her own style. However, before dwelling on the final version, it is worth considering all the pros and cons in relation to the new image.


The undoubted advantage of coloring is the result – a new hairstyle . However, this is not the only benefit of visiting a colorist. Other positive aspects include the following positions.

Disguise of gray hair . Many women who have celebrated their 50th birthday are painful about the appearance or spread of gray strands. Unfortunately, this natural process can only be fought through constant staining. One visit to the hairdresser – and you can forget about the annoying sign of aging for several weeks.

Be in trend . Now there are many popular techniques that a hairdresser uses to create a new look. The list includes highlighting, ombre, balayage. Thanks to such methods, stylish hairstyles are obtained, which in their shade can be as close as possible to the natural tone.

Look a few years younger . Women are not asked about their age. However, the gray hair on the temples speaks for itself. A few hours in the salon – colorless strands will acquire chestnut, caramel or platinum shades. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the right hair tone. Indeed, with age, not only curls become different, but skin, teeth and general appearance. For example, a dark range will visually make every wrinkle on the face visible.

Change of images . Hair coloring allows you to radically change the image without much effort. You can experiment with shades, accents, colors depending on the season, mood or fashion trends. However, it is worth using gentle products so as not to damage the hair and scalp. Also, once a woman has become a brunette, it is technically difficult to go back to lighter tones. Therefore, planned changes should be evaluated critically.

Well-groomed . A carelessly twisted bun on the head gives an interesting sophistication only to young representatives of the fair half, and it is better for ladies of Balzac’s age to choose neat laconic hairstyles. Stylish painting, lack of overgrown roots, well-groomed color will suit any woman over 50. This is especially true if gray hair occupies part of the head, because the heterogeneous range and dull hair color interspersed with gray strands looks untidy.


Coloring curls has some disadvantages. The disadvantages are associated with both the procedure itself and the results obtained. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cost . For many, a serious problem can be the high cost of the services of a master and expensive means to achieve and maintain the desired shade. You can become a blonde or a brown-haired woman at home, but sometimes it is an unjustified risk to completely destroy your fashionable image. In addition, dyed hair needs special care with the help of special products.

Time wasted . The artificial color should be maintained at all times and no graying roots should be allowed to appear. This means that frequent visits to the salon cannot be avoided.

Selection of paint . Not every tool is capable of high-quality paint over gray hair. In addition, many brands of paints are quickly washed off. As a result, the woman gets a dull grayish tint.

Difficulty returning to natural gray color . Recently, noble natural gray hair has become increasingly popular among women after 50 years. This color requires a short, neat haircut. Then the image looks very elegant. But if the hair is dyed, then it is very difficult to return to the starting point. Such a transition can be delayed for a long period and include various solutions, for example, highlighting or light balayage.

The influence of chemicals . The structure of gray curls is usually dry and tough. Constant exposure to chemically active components will only aggravate the situation. Even high-quality products can cause an undesirable effect, and in the case of cheap brands, one should not hope for a good result at all.


After 50 years, you need to approach the choice of hairstyle thoughtfully . It is better to give preference to short strands with neat styling. The painting should be entrusted to professionals who can choose the tone in accordance with the skin and type of appearance. If a woman does not want to waste time, money on permanent tinting, you can stop at a natural gray shade. However, in such a situation, the shortest haircut will look more advantageous.

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