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Eye Make-Up Remover

Eye Make-Up Remover: Eye removal is a daily routine for many of us. Therefore, you should ask yourself the question: Do I do everything right when removing make-up? Even a banal thing like make-up removal has its rules. And if you play according to them, the winner will be your eye area – it will not be unnecessarily irritated and tired, on the contrary, it will be younger for longer! We will advise you on how to perfectly make off your eyes and which eye make-up removers to choose – we have tried them on our own skin.

The right technique is the basis for eye make-up removal

Even if you have the best make-up remover in stock, you can irritate your skin unnecessarily without the right strokes with a make-up remover. The motto of each of your evenings should be, “Don’t scrub anything!”
So how do you do that?

  • Apply a reasonable amount of eye make-up remover to the tampon – if you “drown” it in the make-up remover, the product may get into your eyes and then burn.
  • Place the tampon with the make-up remover on the closed lid and leave it there for a while so that the mascara and the shadows have enough time to dissolve.
  • Then pull the tampon from top to bottom – pass the entire lid and lashes from the roots to the ends.
  • Repeat this until so many tampons until the last one is completely clean. Only then can you be sure that there is really nothing left in your eyes.
  • Under the eyes, pull the tampon gently from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

TIP: To get rid of even the smallest remnants of makeup, take a cotton swab to help your ears and remove the last small parts, such as between lashes.

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How to choose an eye make-up remover?

We have already made it clear how not to strain the eyes and skin by removing make-up. You may also have begun to wonder if you really have the product at home that the eye area needs. What will testify to you and what will not?

According to skin type

Normal and combination skin

if you have it, you probably already know that you won the genetic lottery. Normal skin type tolerates the vast majority of products, and so does combination skin. So you can choose according to what effect you expect – for example, more hydration or anti-age effect.

Oily Skin

Oily Skin in the case of oily skin, you are likely to deal with clogged pores and blackheads or acne, for example. Look for non-oil-based products designed specifically for this skin type. They have stronger antibacterial effects, regulate sebum production and tighten enlarged pores.

Dry skin

Dry skin with this skin type it is clear, it needs hydration! Of course, we can say this about any other type, but for dry skin it is doubly true.

Sensitive or atopic skin

if you are struggling with really sensitive skin, take time to choose a make-up remover. We recommend reaching for a natural eye make-up remover, ideally without perfume. The various chemical ingredients in cosmetics can irritate the skin even more, but each of us can have a reaction to something different. Therefore, try, but carefully and prudently.

According to the effect

You also need to think about what products you are actually making. And if you like waterproof makeup , many products wouldn’t be able to handle it. Therefore, reach directly for the eye make-up remover designed for waterproof makeup. For example, a two-phase eye make-up remover having one of the oil-based parts can serve perfectly.

When choosing, you should also pay attention if you have sensitive eyes and do not want them to be red as a rabbit the next morning. Look among make-up removers for sensitive eyes, the composition of which will irritate as little as possible.

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