A perfume That Will Last. Do You Know How To Apply It?


Your favorite scent fades away, you just barely take your heels out of the house? Don’t lose your mind. We know for sure which tips on how to use perfume really work. These include not only applying perfume to pulse points or applying scent to hair, but also spraying perfume on clothes and other handy gadgets. We believe that you will quickly learn our tips on how to use the perfume correctly, because these are the keys to its all-day endurance.

How and where to apply the perfume to last all day

Hydrate and oil. The very best way to apply the perfume is right after the shower and then applying body lotion, cream, butter or oil. Why? Because the aroma of perfume stays on damp skin much longer than on dry skin. But if you don’t have time to shower, it is enough to rub the selected areas quickly with milk or oil before spraying the perfume.

Be careful not to overcharge. Perfumed cosmetics with the same scent as perfume is a great thing. But if there is none, you can easily make it yourself. Spray the scent into the unscented treatment product and you have won. Do you have more favorite perfumes? Choose deodorant, body lotion or perfume-free oil. This will prevent the scents from overcharging and disappearing as fast as the steam above the pot.

Look for a pulse. Inner side of the wrist, elbow and knee socket, décolleté and a place behind the ears. These are all pulse points that you should remember with perfume. They are richly congested and will make sure that the scent develops for a really long time!

Friction generates heat and the perfume disappears. Like a well-built house, perfumes are thoughtfully displayed from the base through the heart to the head. And this order does not pay to be disrupted. Therefore, never apply the perfume to just one wrist, but then wipe it with the other. You would break the structure of the perfume and rapidly shorten its endurance.

Body and hair that smell. Another interesting way to extend the shelf life of the perfume as much as possible is to use a body spray with an identical scent or a “straight” scent for the hair during the day. The perfume itself can also help – if you do not want the alcohol to dry out the hair too much, spray the scent on the comb and lightly comb the hair a few times.

Spray the scent on the clothes. Really? Yes. The perfume stays on the clothes for a really long time (it often survives cleansing in the washing machine). It worked best for us to apply it to the back hem of the skirt and to the décolleté of the blouse. Are you worried about possible stains? Spray the scent on tissue paper and then fold the clothes folded in the closet.

Keep the box. The scents like dark and cold places, where they maintain both intensity and longevity. Therefore, it is not always necessary to put the perfume back in the box after use. But you can also prove your service by not storing it in the bathroom. Moisture won’t do him any good. (Never shake the perfume. The more air that gets into it, the faster it evaporates.)

Now all you have to do is choose a suitable scent according to your personality or simply according to your mood and the big “perfume mission” will be successfully completed!

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Romantic innocence

Pure as a white lily? If you want to soften your aura, you will definitely not make a mistake with Gucci Bloom perfume . Thanks to the touch of tuberose, earthworm and jasmine, you will have an incredibly gentle effect on the surroundings.

Sweet, sparkling, peculiar!

Are you very playful and what about the heart, it’s on the tongue? Pink pepper in NOVELLISTA Summer Flare will nicely underline this page of your personality (when you need it). However, sweet peaches, melon and vanilla will reassure everyone that you really care most about true friendship.

Party star

“Did anyone say a party or even an after party here? We’re going to pee! ”Sounds like you? The native party girl and the irresistible wonder are perfectly defined by the Mugler Angel Nova perfume with a pink star-shaped bottle and a fruity-floral scent… What more could you want?

Honey deception

The sweetness of the first kisses, flowering meadows, full mouths of strawberries – perfumed water Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense is here to transport you to the land of uncomplicated joys. Will you let it enrich your natural charm with the aroma of honey, vanilla, pear and rose?

The beauty of femininity

Minimalists in body and soul, who, however, like to spice up life with a pinch of mystery and perfectly feminine charisma, can be found in the scent of Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir . It is played only with tones of plum, screw, musk and suede, but when it all mixes together, it surprises with a spectacular explosion of unexpected compositions.

Fresh citrus

Do you constantly “chirp” and bring a refreshing breeze of tenderness and joy to every society? Next time, bring in the unisex perfumed water Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine . Your charm will be much more interesting in a fresh citrus-sandal cloak.

Free as birds

Are you a bit of a “mañana” girl and you don’t really take life or yourself too seriously? You will get a great understanding with the lightweight perfume Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey . Here and there you will feel fine almond milk, sometimes light-minded lilacs, sometimes conspicuous star anise or a combination of both. In a word? Ease.

With the stamp of an adventurer

No sea is insurmountable for you, no mountain is irresistible and no challenge is impossible. Like you, the scent of Shiseido Ginza symbolizes adventure. So why not embark on an expedition marked by pomegranate, orchids, freesias and magnolias?

The constant of a hectic time

As a 21st century woman, you have no problem dealing with any technological innovation, but at the same time you can connect to the cycle of nature. If this description fits you, you should not miss Lalique Amethyst perfumed water at home . Fruits, flowers and a sweet woody base are composed in it in such a way as to give energy, courage and charm to a modern woman like you.

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