Herpes And Natural Remedies

Herpes And Natural Remedies

Herpes simplex often occurs in conditions of immunosuppression, physical and mental tiredness. It’s a sneaky virus that, once contracted, lodges in our body, and when it manifests itself, it warns us that we are in unprotected mode!

Herpes Simplex is a contagious virus that affects the mucous membranes, such as the lips, nose, and genitals, as well as the skin of the face. Once contracted, even if eradicated, this virus dwells in our bodies in a latent state. It manifests itself as soon as our immune system lets its guard down and we find ourselves debilitated or stressed.

Often herpes, especially lip herpes, also occurs after too intense exposure to the sun without protection or if we have undergone treatment with antibiotics without protecting the intestine and the immune system.

Nature can provide us with very active remedies against herpes simplex, and their synergistic use helps us counteract its manifestation and exacerbation.

We must act both on the immune system to stimulate and strengthen it and topically to soothe and block the fever.

Immunostimulants such as Echinacea, medicinal mushrooms, antivirals, tea tree, and GSE, grapefruit seed extract are recommended.

Let’s see them in detail.

Echinacea, immunostimulant against Herpes

There are different types of Echinacea, Angustifolia, Pallida, and Purpurea. They differ in the parts used, in the first two types, the roots; in the purple one, the flowering aerial parts; and in the main components, such as essential oils, immunostimulating polysaccharides, and glycoproteins.

They stimulate phagocytosis, activate macrophage cytotoxicity, and increase interleukin-1 and interferon B2.

In addition to immunostimulating properties, Echinacea has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, healing, and re-epithelializing properties. It is, therefore, particularly indicated in the case of Herpes for both internal and topical use.

Medicinal Mushrooms, immunostimulants against Herpes

The best known Medicinal Mushrooms are Reishi ( Ganoderma lucidum), Maitake (Grifola Frondosa ), and Shitake ( Lentinula edodes), each with its own characteristics, but the immunostimulant activity they perform unites them.

They are indicated for infectious diseases and for conditions of low immune defenses. Reishi, in particular, is also effective in cases of psychophysical stress, concentration difficulties, states of fatigue, and recovery from which to recover.

Maitake and Shitake are valid aid during oncological treatments to support the body.

Maitake specifically is also useful in cases of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension . For our Herpes; they can therefore be used without distinction to strengthen the immunity and, specifically, if we have further ailments that specialize the choice.

Tea Tree Oil, antiviral against Herpes

Tea tree essential oil, melaleuca alternifolia, is a multipurpose antiseptic and can be used for disinfectant washes and compresses, as an antifungal, antiviral.

It is indicated in acne lesions, insect bites, herpes, candidiasis, seborrheic dermatitis, canker sores, and gingivitis. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, healing, and analgesic properties. It is a well-tolerated essential oil, even if used pure.

GSE, antiviral against Herpes

GSE, Grapefruit Seeds Extract, is nothing more than grapefruit seed extract, which is very popular among broad-spectrum antibacterial remedies. It has antiviral activity, and it can inactivate HSV1, the herpes simplex virus 1; it contrasts forms of flu of a viral nature. It is also antifungal against over 100 strains of molds and yeasts, such as Candida. It has an antiparasitic action, against protozoan infections, against intestinal worms, and for topical use against lice.


Unfortunately, not everyone can resort to immunostimulants: those suffering from autoimmune syndromes, and those who are allergic subjects must pay close attention to which natural remedies to adopt. It is always necessary and recommended to consult a doctor for appropriate consultations.

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