How To Oily Hair: 3 Proven Tips On What To Do With Them

Oily Hair

Oily Hair: Greasy hair right after washing is a nightmare for almost every woman who wants to like it. But sometimes it seems that even when we literally stand on our heads, hair lives its own life. And they certainly do not intend to facilitate our efforts in any way. Therefore, we will reveal to you in today’s article what works for oily hair.

Do you try oily hair products from different brands, but you still feel that your hair still looks just as poor? In that case, it will probably not be just a coincidence, but a system error that you have not been able to detect so far.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to realize that how our hair behaves does not only depend on what exactly we wash it with. But we also need what kind of nutrition we have . And whether or not in cosmetics too often we do not reach for silicones , which smooth the hair even more. (This creates even better conditions for the sebum to flow more easily into lengths.)

Causes of oily hair

You may suspect a regular wrap for oily hair. But the cause of your problem is probably somewhere else.

For example, the following have a negative effect on hair ointment:

  1. Too frequent or too rare hair washing
  2. Use of hair products with silicone
  3. Genetics (someone with a predisposition to oily hair is simply born)

Unknowingly, we can also distribute grease on our hair by reaching into our hair at any moment. Last but not least, it is extremely important that the head does not steam. For example, in the winter under a thick warm hat or in the gym. Therefore, take off your cap at the appropriate time. And plan your wash for a day at the gym.

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3 tips on how to oily hair

Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

It all starts and ends in the store. If you have long-term problems with lubrication, definitely do not choose only according to the price of the products and how much you like their packaging. (Even if they are shampoos designed for oily hair.) Instead, take plenty of time to read the back label carefully. What does this tell you about shampoo and conditioner? Ideally, try to avoid the silicone and alcohol mentioned so much. On the other hand, the plus point is salicylic acid, echinacea, sage, clay or tea tree oil .

Proper hair nutrition

Another important point is diet . Oily hair (similar to acne prone skin) needs a properly chosen diet. You won’t do anything good if you enjoy semi-finished products, fried potato chips and other unhealthy and oil-soaked dishes all week long. Instead, include quality fish in your diet that are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids . Vitamins are also important . Special B vitamins , vitamin E and vitamin C (both are antioxidants that prevent premature aging).

Hair thick quality can also be greatly affected by iron deficiency , which is important for normal blood conditions. (Blood distributes nutrients throughout the body. Including hair.) Collagen and zinc are also good tips .

Apple cider vinegar for oily hair

If you want to prevent excessive hair ointment shortly after washing, do a hair rinse from apple cider vinegar from time to time. All you have to do is mix about 3.5 liters of warm water with 10 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar . Then immerse your hair in this liquid. (Once they are washed.) Wait for a while, then wash the rinse under running water.

Greasy dandruff in the hair

Finally, we keep the problem with greasy dandruff in our hair. If the skin around them is red, causes tension and itching, and has a bright yellow color, these are not the classic dandruff you know from commercials. It is most likely bordering on certainty that is seborrheic dermatitis .

It is a skin disease, so it is definitely advisable to visit a dermatologist, who will find out the extent of the problem and recommend the most suitable treatment products. From our own experience, hair products from the pharmacy, which contain hemp oil and other natural ingredients , have proven to be an alternative to them . But it is necessary to be patient. For many people, this is a long-term (chronic) problem, which may recur periodically depending on factors that cannot always be influenced.

Don’t know where to start? The first step may be the use of herbs and long-term use of natural vitamin supplements for hair .

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