The Best Nivea Creams

Nivea Creams

The market offers a large number of different Nivea creams. Therefore, the challenge of finding the right one can be really complicated. To make your choice a little easier, our team has created this special buying guide with a list of the 5 best Nivea creams you can find in 2020.

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The best Nivea creams

1. Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler – The best anti-wrinkle

Anti-aging moisturizer – Thanks to its formula with hyaluronic acid and creatine, this anti-aging cream fills in wrinkles from the inside

Sunscreen – This day cream with hyaluronic acid has factor 30 to prevent photoaging, cell damage and the appearance of spots

Intense Hydration – NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Cream with Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin silky smooth, firming and hydrating

All skin types – This facial wrinkle cream can be applied on all skin types. Enhances cell renewal to fill in wrinkles from within

Scope of delivery – NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Day Care FP30, with hyaluronic acid and creatine, 1 x 50 ml, bottle

Type: anti-wrinkle

If you want to choose a facial product with excellent characteristics, we recommend Hyaluron Cellular Filler, which is the best anti-wrinkle cream from Nivea that you will find in 2020. In fact, it will give you great results in the care of your skin, and with a fairly fast time.

Made with hyaluronic acid and creatine, the fantastic anti-wrinkle cream stimulates the cells of your face to produce their own components, thus smoothing fine lines, thus activating your skin’s natural hydration and cell renewal processes. they will make your face look always young.

This product protects the skin of the face and neck from the harmful effects of sunlight, thanks to the SPF15 UVA and UVB protective filter it contains, so you can use it even on the sunniest days. With all the benefits that the use of the beauty product will provide, your face will appear firmer, smoother and fuller, with a much more youthful and beautiful appearance.

The silky texture of Nivea anti-wrinkle cream penetrates deep into the skin and is quickly absorbed, ensuring an immediate feeling of comfort and effectiveness. It is a product especially suitable for women over 40, which will allow them to take care of their face from the first moment.

So, if you want to buy the Nivea cream that offers you the best benefits for the care of your face, and that especially has a high effectiveness against wrinkles, we recommend the Hyaluron Cellular Filler. The good reviews from satisfied users confirm the quality and effectiveness of this product.


The best anti-wrinkle cream from Nivea in the 2020 comparison
Based on hyaluronic acid and creatine that plumps the skin
Stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid
Activates the natural processes of hydration and renewal
Contains SPF15 UVA and UVB protection to prevent the harmful effects of the sun
Silky texture that penetrates deep and is easily absorbed
Especially recommended for women over 40 years old

2. Nivea Soft – Nivea super moisturizing and toning cream

Universal care – This nourishing cream is suitable for all skin types and can be applied to hands, face and body to achieve soft and smooth skin.

Silky skin – Due to its formula with jojoba oil and vitamin E, this body and face cream provides deep hydration and leaves the skin silky.

Refreshing Cream – In addition to deeply nourishing, this paraben-free hand, face and body cream leaves a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin.

Rapid absorption – Thanks to its light texture, this face and body cream penetrates quickly to leave the skin hydrated and is ideal for daily use.

Delivery content – NIVEA Soft, universal cream for hands, face and body with jojoba oil and vitamin E, 1 x 300 ml, bottle.

Type: moisturizer

When you decide to buy a facial care product, you surely have in mind that it is one of the best Nivea creams on sale, because you know the reliability of the brand, so we recommend that you do not lose sight of Soft, a product with excellent moisturizing and toning properties.

Nivea cream has an intensely nourishing formula that contains vitamin E and jojoba oil, which guarantees deep hydration and toning of the face. Therefore, if you want to give your skin a youthful and toned appearance, this product will give you the care what you are looking for.

To get soft and supple skin you can use Soft daily and you will see the results in no time. Above all, this facial care product does not contain parabens or preservatives, so you can easily take care of your body, without the risk of coming into contact with harmful substances.

Applying Nivea cream on your face is very easy, thanks to its light, non-greasy and easily absorbed texture. The product can be purchased in a pack of 4 bottles of 200 ml, so that you have enough moisturizing and toning cream and for a very attractive price.

Ultimately, if your goal is to have the best quality moisturizing and toning cream from Nivea, we can suggest the Soft model, a product whose buyer reviews place it among the best on the 2020 list.


Nivea super moisturizing and toning cream on the 2020 list
Intensely nourishing formula with vitamin E and jojoba oil
Gives the skin a youthful and toned appearance
Its daily use ensures a soft and supple skin
Completely free of parabens and preservatives
Light, non-greasy texture for easy absorption

3. Nivea Velvety – Extra softness for your skin

Type: for body

Do you want to pamper yourself by buying the best Nivea body cream that provides deep hydration to achieve smoother skin? Then the Velvet Body Cream is the perfect option for you, due to its excellent characteristics that are also positively valued by the opinions of its users.

Enriched with intense hydration serum and shea butter, Nivea body cream ensures smooth skin all over the body. Specifically, with the continued use of this product you can enjoy a healthy and hydrated complexion for up to 48 hours after its application.

The fragrance of this cream is very pleasant, with a fresh and clean aroma that will accompany you throughout the day, and this adds to its proven moisturizing effect. If you want to have a body product that guarantees healthy and extremely soft skin, it is an option that you should not overlook.

In fact, the consistency of the product is quite light and ensures easy absorption, and most importantly, it does not have a greasy or sticky effect. It is a Nivea cream that will bring many benefits to your body, and its daily application will provide you with the best results. hydration and skin health.

Therefore, if you want to have a body product that ensures smooth skin, we especially recommend the Nivea Velvet Body Cream. The skincare benefits reviews in this article are really good too.


Excellent body cream from Nivea
Body product for extremely healthy and smooth skin
Enriched with Intense Hydration Serum and Shea Butter
Provides excellent hydration for up to 48 hours
Very pleasant aroma that lasts throughout the day
Very light texture that ensures easy absorption

4. Nivea Creme

Intensive Hydration – This face, body and hand cream intensively nourishes and hydrates, leaving skin soft, supple and smelling great!

Multiple uses – NIVEA Creme canned nourishing cream is suitable for all skin types and all ages, and is suitable for face, body, hands, elbows, heels …
Unique formula – Thanks to its formula with Panthenol, Eucerit and glycerin, this hydrating facial cream is ideal for the care of the skin of the whole family.

Daily use – This universal hand, face and body cream can be used daily to achieve hydrated, healthy and protected skin, avoiding dryness.

Delivery content – NIVEA Creme, multi-purpose moisturizing cream for universal care, pack of 4, 4 x 400 ml, tin.

Type: multipurpose

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Factors to consider when buying a Nivea cream

The Nivea brand is known throughout the world for its tradition in the production of creams of many different types. Therefore, buying a product from a brand of this type is synonymous with quality and satisfaction, however, depending on the uses that you are going to give the item, your skin type and your age, you will have different options between the options. Here are some factors you can take into account to choose the best product for you.

Type of cream

Nivea’s facial creams are perhaps the most sought after and used, however among them you will find hydrating, cleansing, toning and anti-wrinkle versions. Another modality of the brand’s product are those intended for the body, which aim to deeply hydrate the skin and for long periods of time. Finally, there are others for the protection of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, which are very useful and recommended to avoid permanent damage to the skin.


There are many ingredients that Nivea creams on the market can contain. The body and facial versions designed to hydrate the skin can contain elements such as shea butter, jojoba oil and others. In the case of anti-wrinkle products, it is currently very common to find versions that include hyaluronic acid among its components, since This element has powerful effects to fill in fine lines, especially wrinkles, and makes the skin appear younger.

Type of skin

It is essential that the Nivea cream you choose is suitable for your skin type, as there are some with oily ingredients that may not be recommended for oily skin, in the case of body products, it is necessary to know if your skin is oily , mixed or dry, to be able to choose the most suitable option for you. When it is very dry, extra-hydrating articles with long-lasting characteristics are recommended.

Recommended age

Nivea creams are usually aimed at very specific age groups, especially in the case of facial care products. Anti-wrinkle items can be used as preventive treatments from the age of 25, the more advanced ones are recommended for people between 35, 40 and over 50. Similarly, some body products offer formulas for very young skin and others are for people more mature.

Intensive skin care

We want to help you find the product that allows you to give a specific care to the skin of your face or body and with the characteristics of hydration, toning and sun protection that you need. Therefore, after reviewing the main best Nivea creams for sale in 2020 , along with the most important characteristics to make a decision, you will surely make a good choice of which one to buy.

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