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Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair is the crown of beauty for every woman, but also for men. Whether you are long, short, light or dark, they should always be shiny, firm, tidy and, most importantly, well-nourished . However, if they start to fall unexpectedly , an unpleasant problem may arise. 

The stores offer us various products that promise to make our hair a radiant and thick mane . We are able to spend a lot of money on them without realizing what our hair really needs and what are the most common causes of hair loss and hair loss .

Age and genetic predispositions (especially in men) contribute to the quality and quantity of hair – unfortunately we can’t do much with them. So focus on what we can influence and what affects our hair: diet – care – stress.


The hair follicle, hidden in the lower layer of the skin, is the only living place where hair cells can get nourishment . True care for healthy hair and beautiful hair is based on a regular and long-term balanced ratio of amino acids, vitamins and minerals .

Therefore, one of the important factors that affect the condition, health and condition of the hair and scalp is diet. An unbalanced diet not only slows down hair growth , but also reduces hair quantity and quality .

What foods benefit the hair

Up to 90% of hair is made up of a protein called keratin , the basic building blocks of which are amino acids . So let’s include a sufficient amount of quality meat and fish in our diet . Fish, especially seafood, is also important to our hair by supplying quality oils and omega3 unsaturated fatty acids .

We also find quality oils in nuts , which should become a regular part of our diet. Nuts and seeds also contain B vitamins and zinc – these are key to hair.

Increased intake of leafy vegetables provide a sufficient amount of vitamin K and iron and sufficient intake of fruits also vitamin C . All of these substances are important for proper hair growth .

A sufficient drinking regime is the basis of a healthy body and therefore also healthy hair.

What foods harm hair

What is fundamentally harmful to hair is the regular consumption of fast food , a high ratio of white sugar, salt and white flour in the diet, as well as regular smoking .

Smoking and poor diet cause a general hyperacidity of the body , and thus poor quality of healthy hair, skin, nails and clubs.


Do not over dry hair . Daily blow-drying, ironing and curling strongly weakens the hair . At least occasionally, let your mane dry in the air or let it dry first and then crease with a hair dryer with not too hot air.

After washing, always use a comb that is far apart, not a brush , on wet hair . He breaks and destroys his hair.

Try to find the right shampoo for your hair. View their composition – caffeine reduces hair loss, hyaluronic acid ensures their hydration and smoothing, panthenol is good for regeneration. The growth of new hair is supported by a protein – keratin.

Rinsing with a decoction of nettle, burdock or chamomile will definitely benefit the hair. A wrap made of coconut or argan oil will give them strength and shine.


Many people live their lives at a frantic pace . They consider stress a normal part of life. They try to cope with the daily demands of employment, marriage, running a household, raising children, etc. These demands are stressful in themselves , but sometimes exacerbated by events causing severe stress, such as illness or the death of a loved one.

It is proven that long-term, chronic stress can stimulate the development of a number of diseases in our body , especially cardiovascular, immune disorders and, last but not least, a reduction in quality and hair loss.

In general, there are two types of hair loss caused by stress: telogen effluvium (sudden transition of hair to the final stage of its development) and alopecia areata (limited hair loss).

Telogen effluvium

 It occurs when sudden or severe stress causes increased hair loss , which is generally triggered by uninterrupted stress events or chronic stress . Also stressing the hormonal system . This condition is rather transient and hair often begins to grow again.

Alopecia areata

It tends to be much more destructive . Severe stress can also trigger this type of hair loss. In this case, white blood cells attack the hair follicles and this stops hair growth. The hair then falls out relatively quickly – usually in whole tufts or on areas within a few weeks of a stressful event.

What is with this? The essence of the matter is that if the body gives us such a strong signal that it is uncomfortable (our hair looks), then it is necessary to change something fundamentally in your life. Learn to relax and not try to “give away for everyone” at your expense. Mother Nature has a cure for all our human ailments, we just need to find it.

Nature effectively helps

One of the very effective natural treatment options is called Morinda citrofolia . It is a shrub whose home is the lava slopes of tropical Hawaii, Panama, Fiji and Southeast Asia.

The fruits are called noni , also “Indian mulberry“, the natives call them the food of famine , because their high content of nutrients helps locals survive in extreme conditions . You will find a large number of substances that are important for our health .

What all noni fruits contain

B vitamins, beta-carotene, minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium), amino acids, fiber and enzymes

damnacanthal – according to the latest medical studies, prevents uncontrolled cell division in the body.

natural serotonin and dopamine – (“good mood” hormones) and melatonin , a sleep hormone – have antidepressants, help manage stress and promote quality sleep .

Other positive effects on our health

  • improves physical and mental condition
  • helps normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • improves the activity of the digestive tract
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a beneficial effect on the functions of our endocrine glands
  • improves the quality of bones, skin, nails and hair

You ca n’t buy fruit called Noni on the shelves of our stores , but you can get it in a special form, in the form of a concentrate . The concentrate is formed by leaching the plant in the leaching medium, which is most often water . The strong extract, which contains a concentrated complex of active substances contained in the plant, is dried to a powder that can be used by a special technology .


Healthy hair and lush hair are not just shampoos, it is a comprehensive concern for your body , your lifestyle and also the right natural products . The way we live looks like our hair, nails and skin. Be beautiful, start today !

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