Pros And Cons Of Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring: Every woman at least once in her life dreamed of radically changing her image . The first thing that comes to mind in such cases is a change of hairstyle . There is even a widespread joke among the people that all the fair sex, who have experienced some kind of nervous shock or love failure, cut their hair under a square. An alternative to such a radical method of changing the appearance can be hair coloring . As one of the options for changing the image, a hair procedure called coloring is suitable.

What is special about this technique?

It is generally accepted to call coloring such a dyeing technique in which individual strands of hair are dyed in different colors – for this, special dye of different shades is applied to the strands. In this case, you can use two tones of paint, or you can increase their number up to ten. Before dyeing dark hair, you will need to initially lighten the necessary strands; blondes do not need preparation for such a procedure.

Pros of the procedure

Such a staining technique allows not only to radically change the image, but also to change some features in its appearance every day . Depending on how you style your hair, the dyed strands fall in different ways, which creates the effect of different hairstyles. Thus, having dyed her hair once, a girl has the opportunity to experiment with hairstyles for several weeks and create new images every day.

Coloring is considered a gentle procedure – it is shown even for girls with weakened hair.

You can carry out the procedure as often as the soul desires . Each time, the master can make small adjustments, which will allow to model and improve the hairstyle, achieving the perfect result.

This type of coloring is suitable for ladies of any age . Both a young girl and a mature woman will be able to choose the necessary shades and their own style.

Coloring allows you to create a bright and unusual, memorable image . No matter how corny it may sound, the correctly selected type of coloring allows you to emphasize the individuality of each woman.

You can choose a hairstyle for which you don’t have to tint the roots every three weeks .

For painting, you can take paints of different tones and different durability , the main thing is to choose materials from one company in order to avoid an unpredictable result.

Hair dyed using a similar technique will help frame the face beautifully , emphasizing the advantages of appearance. With the help of coloring, you can achieve painting over gray hair and the effect of a beautiful bend on the curls.

The alternation of dark and light curls gives the effect of sun glare and makes the hair look fresher .

You can not radically change the color of your hair, highlighting their individual strands, depending on the vision of the new hairstyle.

Visually, this coloring technique makes the hairstyle light and adds weightless volume .

Hair coloring in this way revives the general look of the hairstyle , masks dull and lifeless hair, and visually rejuvenates a woman.

Cons of the procedure

To carry out this procedure, you need to contact the salon – at home you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

Dyeing done in a good salon by a competent professional is often quite expensive . Plus, it’s not easy to find a really good master.

If foil is used during coloring, it is not possible to paint over the overgrown roots well .

Such coloring is contraindicated for those clients who usually dye their hair with henna . In combination with henna, coloring paint can give unpredictable results.

The procedure cannot be carried out after biowaving or keratin leveling . In order to be able to change her image, a woman will have to wait at least two weeks.

Coloring is contraindicated for those women who have previously experienced allergic reactions to some elements of the paint.

Hair after such a procedure will need more thorough care .

After coloring, do not perm .

Coloring on dark hair has a limited range of shades.

Sometimes during the procedure, it becomes clear that the shade on the hair does not match the one indicated on the palette .

Even the most gentle coloring remains a significant stress on the hair .


The choice of a hairdresser should be taken responsibly , having carefully studied the reviews and portfolio of the master.

You should not try to carry out such procedures at home without professional skills – correcting an unsuccessful haircut and coloring is much more difficult than creating an image from scratch.

For owners of light brown hair, it is better to dwell on golden, nutty, copper and ash shades. The most suitable shade for a particular hair type will be advised by the master.

I will help to add a highlight to the usual image of brunettes and brown-haired women in blue, purple and pink shades .

Red hair does not match at all with a black tone. To create an unusual look, it is better to choose wheat or copper shades.

Extra tone adds visual volume to a short haircut.

Colored hair requires special care , so do not forget about conditioners and nourishing masks.

The use of irons and hair dryers should be minimized whenever possible .

Ultraviolet radiation can spoil the original color and structure of the hair , so you need to remember about hats on the street, you should use a special hat in the solarium.

If the shade was chosen successfully, the procedure itself was performed by a qualified master and the client received recommendations for care – the appearance of the hairstyle will be flawless . This color will ideally complement the original tone and is suitable for hair of any length. After all, even the simplest haircut can be given a neat and stylish look by correctly placing color accents.

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