Laughter: The Best Of Drugs

Laughter The Best Of Drugs

It seems absurd but laughing is really a serious thing for the well-being of our bodies. Clown Therapy is increasingly present in the wards of hospitals.

It is said “laughter makes good blood,” and, in fact, laughter has a validated therapeutic potential; it triggers endorphins, natural analgesics capable of inducing a state of well-being, catecholamines, hormones that produce an improvement in mood, blood cells, whites that protect us from infections and cancers, and immunoglobulins that improve the immunity system; all this reactivates the body’s energy and helps us to bear the pain. In short, laughing is serious! 

In medicine, in the last 25 years, we have talked about psychoneuroimmunology, more commonly known as the connection between body and mind. It is understood that tensions (physical, psychic, and spiritual) affect the biochemistry and physiology of the body. Extensive studies have shown that in the long run, elements such as love, humor, enthusiasm, curiosity, passion, hope, and joy stimulate the immune system, help our bodies fight infections and diseases, and influence how we take care of ourselves. Thanks to the commitment of Patch Adams, a doctor and clown who travels the world to explain that you can heal faster and better by laughing, today the clown doctors are part of hospital departments, such as pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, intensive care, and many others with amazing results for healing, thanks to the technique that we could also call a good mood. For medical clowns, it is not important to make people smile at all costs but to be there with the heart ready to welcome. 

Laughing is already communication, and we learn it since childhood; we just have to remember to do it more often as adults; it is a universal and instinctive language that allows us to express hidden emotions and nuances; it must be a laugh from the heart, or a sincere smile, which manifests emotions coming from the depth of the individual, a bit like an animal call, innate, with the intrinsic ability to generate others.

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