Great Tips For Immunity Of Children And Adults

Immunity Of Children

The human immune system is a very complex mechanism. Its primary task is to protect the body from unwanted foreign substances, viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. These microorganisms must be identified, located, destroyed and handed over for exclusion from the organism in time.

The immune system is a complex system of mutually cooperating and complementary organs. These include, for example, the intestines, liver, lymphatic system, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, endocrine system and others. In case of insufficient function of the immune system, various types of diseases develop, both physical and mental. Allergies and various types of autoimmune diseases are also behind the inadequately functioning immune system.

Tips for the proper functioning of innate immunity


The intestines are the basis of health, the basis of immunity. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that all diseases begin in the gut , 2,000 years ago!

Scientists have found that there is a “new organ” in the human body. However, unlike common organs such as the heart, brain, and lungs, this organ does not consist of human tissue, but of trillions of bacteria. It is called the intestinal microbiome . It is a system of intestinal bacteria that can weigh up to 2 kg in an adult. The microbiome has a strong effect on a person’s overall immunity, but also on his mental state.

We damage the microbiome the most with an unsuitable, unbalanced diet, which contains excessively added sugar, gluten, alcohol and chemicals. Especially in children, excessive sugar consumption has a direct effect on immune disorders and the development of allergies. The microbiome is also significantly damaged by drugs, especially the overuse of antibiotics, painkillers or hormonal drugs.

We can strengthen it with a diet rich in vegetables and fiber, as well as probiotics, which occur in sour dairy products or in sauerkraut. However, so-called prebiotics are also important , i.e. substances that act directly as a “feed” for our microbiome. One of them is the polysaccharide inulin , which occurs naturally in the  root of chicory, dandelion or boxwood . The use of natural preparations with the content of the ground root of some of the mentioned herbs will not only help our digestion, but also strengthen the natural microbiome, and thus immunity.


The immune system is more than closely related to our mental state. Mental exhaustion, negative emotions, long-term stress are all factors that significantly contribute to weakened immunity , faulty immune reactions, and even to the development of autoimmune diseases.

The central nervous system greatly affects the functions and behavior of immune cells, through hormones released by the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands. Simply by activating “fight or flight” reactions. In this way, not only adults but also children who do not live in a loving family environment weaken the functioning of the immune system for a long time, children who are too demanding and whose nature is not respected either at home or at school.

What is with this? Move and laugh! Exercise regulates the balance between stress hormones and good mood hormones in the body. Laughter can then release endorphins and support your health. Sufficient magnesium, B vitamins and the right microbiome are the basis of our good psyche.


Sleep is more important for a person’s life than food. Its deficiency can cause death sooner than lack of food. During sleep, our body regenerates. It replaces damaged cells with new ones, even within the immune system. It is important to fall asleep before midnight so that the liver, which at this time begins its regeneration, and all other organs, including the intestines and the hormonal system, can participate in this process in peace. Sleeping less than six hours (in adults) deprives us of a lot of strength and greatly weakens the immune system.

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The power of nature

Nature has an herb or fungus for each of our pains. The basic and well-known herb to support the immune system is:

Echinacea – Purple Coneflower 

Its original homeland is North America. It is a traditional herb of the local Indian tribes. It gradually spread to us in Europe as well. Echinacea strengthens the functioning of the immune system in a non-specific way . It uses roots and flowers. The most common form of use is tincture or tea concentrate. We can use it alone, but also in mixtures with other herbs or mushrooms. It is recommended to take it relatively soon before the expected crisis period, as it needs some time to stimulate the immune system.


We are all used to talking commonly about medicinal herbs, which have a long tradition. Less well known, however, is the tradition of using medicinal mushrooms. The use of mushrooms dates back to prehistoric times, and mushrooms accompany humanity throughout its development, not only as a food, but also as a medicine. Fungi have a whole range of positive effects, but one of the biggest is the strong support of the function of the immune system by means of mainly contained beta glucans.

What is beta glucan

Beta glucan is a unique natural polysaccharide, able to support the body’s defense reactions against bacterial and parasitic diseases. Thousands of studies conducted at various universities around the world have shown that daily consumption of beta glucan optimally stimulates white blood cells, especially macrophages . Macrophages “eat everything” that does not belong in the blood. Beta-glucans then act as “feed” or we can say “propulsion engines” for them.

Beta glucans can be found in various types of mushrooms, which we usually collect in our forests in the summer, but also in the so-called medicinal mushrooms, which we usually do not carry so often in the kitchen.

However, just by eating beta glucans from mushrooms, our body gets 2-3% . We lack a digestive enzyme that would release these active substances from fungi in the digestive tract. Therefore, even the use of ground mushrooms on powder is not usually very effective.

The solution is an extract. It is a very strong aqueous extract from medicinal mushrooms, where a large amount of beta glucans is released by this procedure. The concentrated extract is then dried and either dispensed into natural capsules or added to the tea concentrate together with other herbs and natural syrup.

The most commonly used mushrooms in connection with the support of the immune system are:

Glossy cork – Reishi

strengthens the overall immune system. It works very effectively against various types of allergies, asthma and eczema . It regenerates the liver and improves its function, supports digestion. The fungus is very suitable for promoting convalescence after severe diseases. Reishi lowers blood cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. Overall, it increases mental and physical performance.

Almond mushroom

 Like other fungi it stimulates the functions of the immune system. It is mainly used for allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis. Reduces cough, improves skin condition.

Chaga – oblique rusk

a wood-destroying fungus that generally supports the immune system. It contains not only beta glucans, but also betulin, which expands its spectrum of effectiveness. Chaga is used for inflammation of the stomach and intestines . We recommend it for purulent skin diseases, inflammatory acne, intestinal and gynecological fungi, chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and lungs.

And what about the chronic recommended “céčko”?

Yes, but in natural form. That is, in fruits and vegetables. If a food supplement, then one where vitamin C is in the form of extract from Acerola fruit or Camu camu.


Now you know what is doing well for your body and your immune system. Adjust your diet and lifestyle, buy natural products and enjoy a colorful autumn with all its beauties!

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