Best Sleeping Positions: How To Sleep Properly?

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Sleeping Positions: Now that you know how important a quality bed and slatted bed, a sufficiently hard mattress and an anatomical pillow, and your bedroom is literally an oasis of peace, all you have to do is learn to sleep properly. 

Yes, even in what position you sleep has a significant effect on how you sleep. 

Surely you have once experienced a situation where you woke up in the morning completely broken, with neck or back pain . Our sleeping positions go hand in hand with the health of the spine. 

So how do you sleep properly so that you don’t have a whole person in the morning after waking up? 

How to sleep with cervical spine pain? Put your position on your back!

Sleeping on your back is described by experts as the best position during sleep. It allows the spine to remain in an optimal position and thus prevent pain in the cervical spine and the back in general. 

This sleeping position is beneficial not only for the back, but also for the digestive system. People who have a problem with stomach acids should sleep on their backs, because in this position there is a gradient that stomach acid cannot overcome and thus does not return. 

Sleeping on your back is also the most suitable position for the breasts . In this position, the breasts are supported and the tissues are not unnecessarily stretched and strenuous. 

A pillow for the cervical spine will also help

An anatomical pillow for the cervical spine is a very good helper for cervical spine pain. It is shaped to relieve the neck, but at the same time take care of the correct posture of the head during sleep. 

On the market you will find simple but also adjustable pillows for the cervical spine, which have a special construction and allow you to adjust the height of the pillow or the degree of its hardness. 

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Sleeping on your side: Relief position for back pain

Sleeping on your side is a very popular position that can also be beneficial for your cervical spine. However, you will need an anatomical pillow that will provide the right support for the neck. 

Sleeping on your side with adequate neck support can also act as a relief position for back pain. 

The sleeping position on the side is especially suitable for pregnant women or people who have a problem with heartburn. You can further support the benefit of this position by inserting a pillow between your legs.

Sleeping in a joint

This position, also called embryonic, is considered the least suitable. He gets not only the neck, but also the back. The result can be problems with the spine, but also, for example, less firm breasts, which are burdened when sleeping in the joint. 

The disadvantage of sleeping in this position is that it contributes to the formation of wrinkles .

Pregnant women or snoring people prefer sleeping in the joint. 

Sleeping on your stomach

Even sleeping on your stomach is not the most ideal. 

With this sleeping position, the spine is not in the optimal position, which puts pressure on the muscles, joints and neck. In addition, a head turned sideways can cause neck pain. 

Women are also not happy about the fact that this position also contributes to the formation of wrinkles or weakening of the breasts. 

However, sleeping on your stomach also has its advantages. It can bring temporary relief from plate problems and lumbar spine pain.

What should happen after waking up?

You have already gotten ready to sleep properly. However, make sure that all your efforts are not wasted immediately after waking up. 

Do not jump out of bed as soon as you open your eyes. It would suffer your rested back during the night. 

Getting up properly should be done over your side – turn on the bed on your side, close your arms and slowly lower both legs to the ground.


Make your sleep a pleasant routine that will wake you up in the days to come. Indulging in quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body night after night. 

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