sunbathe: Almost every girl dreams of a perfect, beautiful tan. To achieve instant results, women use special cosmetics and visit beauty salons, but most of us trust the sun, and, unfortunately, do not think about the possible negative consequences . We have prepared tips that will help protect your skin from premature aging and give the desired tan:

1. The main rule is a properly chosen sunscreen. When choosing, pay attention to the sun protection factor (spf). Want to avoid burns – cream with a value of spf 50 is your ally .

2. Sunscreen should be applied 25 minutes before sunrise. And then use the cream every 2 hours, or after each bath, updating the protective layer.

3. To avoid sunburn, on the first day it is allowed to sunbathe 10-15 minutes before lunch and 15-20 minutes after it, with each subsequent day add 10 minutes to this time. Remember that melanin production ends 2-3 hours after sunrise. Being under its rays will only increase the risk of skin damage. In this case, more does not mean better.

4. Recommended time for tanning – 3 8:00 to 11:00, and then from 16:00.

5. The skin on the face is much more sensitive, use for the nose and lips special products designed specifically for the face.

6. Moisturize your lips every hour with a hygienic lipstick with oils, preventing peeling and cracking.

7. Drink plenty of room temperature water or tonic green tea. Lack of fluid in the body makes it more conducive to radiation.

8. Avoid the use of cosmetics that contain alcohol: lotions, colognes, deodorants.

9. Wipe dry after leaving the water – required. Otherwise, the water droplets left on the body will act as a dandruff.

10. Before going to sunbathe, take a shower without body wash. They degrease the skin and make it vulnerable.

11. In the shadows, the body sunbathes by 65 percent. Avoid the sun, so the skin is less stressed.

12. After tanning, regularly and thoroughly moisturize the skin, but at the same time, for a while, will have to leave alone scrubs and active massage.

13. Know moderation, do not get too fond of sunbathing and follow these tips

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