How To Give Kidneys Health?

Kidneys Health

They are the seat of vital energy; they tell us about our relationship with fear, they love thermal treatment, and they know how to speak to you through the color and quantity of urine. Small tips for the well-being of the kidneys

Tireless little green beans, they work silently all day long. Let’s take a closer look at the functions of the kidneys and how it is possible to help them through nutrition, movement, and hydration.

Functions and importance of the kidneys

The kidneys are precious for an infinite number of reasons: they cleanse, filter, regulate plasma concentration, and more.

The kidneys eliminate organic waste products;  urea and uric acid are, in fact, nitrogenous wastes that, if they remained in the body, would damage the organism.

These are catabolites, real residues of metabolism. The kidneys are also very important for the balance of mineral salts, especially electrolytes; in other words, the concentration of sodium, potassium, chlorine, and other ions in the plasma directly depends on the kidneys. Similarly, blood pH, the level of acidity or alkalinity of the blood, also depends on the kidneys.

When the body becomes intoxicated, the kidneys work together with the liver to clean the organism. The intoxication we are talking about can take place on different levels: drugs, alcoholic substances, but – and we would like to reiterate it – also thoughts. 

The right food and water for the well-being of the kidneys 

What water to drink? How much? We are in Italy,  a land rich in springs. Obviously, the preference should go to drinking spring water, but in some cities, even tap water is not bad. If you choose bottled water, glass containers would be preferable. Pay attention to the pH, i.e., the degree of alkalinity/acidity. Take this into account. Of course, if you are a big meat consumer, water will become a detail because you will always find yourself having a considerable acidity. 

The formation of kidney stones is closely linked to hydration. Solid deposits are of various types: smooth and dark (based on uric acid), yellowish (based on phosphates or carbonates), white and sharp, or mixed in composition.

When the water supply is scarce in the body, mucus is created, which favors the deposition. For this, the body must always receive the right dose of liquids, and by liquids, we mean only pure and simple water, not milk, juices, various drinks, cans, or bottles; keep in mind that if you want to go to extremes, even teas and herbal teas are liquids that the body must make a little effort to recognize. 

Toccatina for the kidneys: thermal treatments. One would say that water helps water, and heat is an ally of these organs (not excessive and prolonged). 

To help purify the kidneys, it is necessary to limit oneself – if not completely eliminate – in the consumption of chocolate, tomatoes, milk, and cheeses.

In summer, eat watermelon or melon but always separately, away from other food combinations. Prefer a vegetable, organic, wholemeal diet.

Eat in moderation. Among the foods that favor the work of the kidneys are all plants of the lily family: onions, spring onions, leeks, and chives.

Rest, care of the body and the psyche

Walk a lot. Do not make excessive physical exertion. Among the yoga techniques that strengthen the kidneys, we recommend positions that favor the elimination of toxins, such as the famous Bhujangàsana or cobra position (which also tones the ovaries and uterus) or partial Makiasana or crocodile rest. 

A gentle massage from a person with whom the exchange is good on the kidney area, which covers both lodges, is always a cure-all.

Even a foot massage, according to the dictates of foot reflexology, gives good benefits to the kidneys.

Away from all activities that “burn” your energy. Do not waste time drinking alcohol in the evenings; all the same, do not expose yourself to loud music and all the same, not very vital, go to sleep early.

Not that you have to become a nun or a monk, but always keep in mind that sleep, good nutrition, and proper movement are kidney-friendly.

Finally, an illustrious piece of advice that does a lot of good for the kidneys on the psychosomatic side and that comes directly from a Swiss psychiatrist considered the “mother of psychotanatology,” having thoroughly explored the link between life and death.

His writings are based on direct observation and testimonies from his own patients, as well as his personal experience. This phrase well encapsulates the spirit that helps the kidneys and gives them great strength: 

“We must learn not to be afraid. If only we keep an open mind, without any fear, we can have a great capacity for introspection and great revelations.

It can happen to any of you who are here. You don’t need to go to a guru or India or take a transcendental meditation course. 

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