Bronchitis In Children: Causes And How To Cure It

Bronchitis In Children

Here are some tips on best-treating bronchitis in children naturally and mildly, understanding the causes, and how to prevent it. Sleepless nights, mucus coming out of all the small channels, red and black eyes, cough, and widespread malaise: bronchitis is a generally transient pathology affecting bronchi.

It can originate both in children, taking the form of bronchiolitis in newborns, as well as in adults.

The causes of bronchitis can be various and are often linked with other pathologies such as colds or sore throats.

Let’s try to understand how to protect and treatment the little ones from this widespread seasonal disease.

Causes of bronchitis in children

The causes of the development of bronchitis in children are generally of the viral type.

Therefore, the origin can be connected to the common cold and to other types of airway infections, usually linked to the season, sudden climate change, and contact with other affected subjects, as often happens in kindergartens. It usually heals within a few days, using mild and natural remedies.

Only when healing does not occur within the times indicated by the pediatrician, i.e., five or six days, can we think of interposition of bacterial causes. Therefore, more decisive remedies are necessary, such as the use of antibiotics.

Furthermore, bronchitis can manifest itself both acutely and chronically, often leading to a cough with mucus – much thicker, smelly, and persistent than the mucus of viral bronchitis – rales, pain, and fever.

 How to cure bronchitis in children

First, it is necessary to give the child a lot of water, herbal teas based on honey and lemon, nasal washes based on hypertonic physiological solutions, and hot pastries to eat, all this to thin the mucus well.

Secondly, always relying on natural remedies, it is good to ventilate and purify rooms and sheets, often washing linen and handkerchiefs with which the child comes into contact.

Finally, natural products can be used to purify the air using diffusers, such as tea tree oil or natural aerosols based on grapefruit, an excellent natural antibacterial.

And the propolis? It is generally indicated, dissolved in water, only for children over three years old. Each of these pieces of advice does not replace the advice of a doctor or an expert, which is always essential to consult in advance.

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