Top 5 Hairstyles With Bangs For Women

Bang hairstyle

Bangs hairstyles will be a big topic in 2021. But not every woman can afford to wear them without any problems. Some do not have a suitable hairline shape, due to which the hair constantly branches to the sides. Others struggle with a thin bangs that do not look good to wear. Is there a way around this problem?

The banged mikado is an immortal classic that is still in popularity. When hair is straightened, it looks elegant and sophisticated. Slightly wavy, they look sloppy and mischievous. Which is suitable, for example, for parties or occasions to sit with friends.

But Ofina does not only have to bring you joy, but also a lot of worries. The bangs are ideal for not all face types. There is also the already mentioned problem with hair density , or with an improperly shaped hair line , which we cannot influence. Last but not least, the home bangs themselves can turn out to wear a cap or hat for the next few months.

How to cut a bangs

Let’s start with what interests you most. How to cut the bangs so that the result does not turn out completely tragically? First of all, the experts advise that we do not engage in the handling of scissors tired or drunk. (Possibly with a monkey.) In addition to not paying so much attention to our actions in such cases, we run the risk of misjudging the bangs, which will then not suit us.

Take a flat ridge and stand in front of a mirror. Put it on your head, right where it starts to roll, and find the beginning of the bangs . From this center point on the head, make a triangle and comb your hair forward . Take two fingers, put your hair between them and carefully consider where you want to cut your bangs exactly. When you are clear, keep your fingers at the desired length. The hair should point upwards. Cut now. But not straight. Guide the scissors slightly at an angle and rather just trim the ends. Finally, check the bangs thoroughly, correct any imperfections and you can go out.

5 best hairstyles with bangs

Now that you know how to cut your bangs properly, we can move a little further on this topic. Specifically for hairstyles that will look nice with your new bangs .

Long hair with bangslong hair with bangs

This trend is virtually immortal. It is based on various lengths of hair that have a uniform length. In order not to look dull and highlight the wearer’s face, they should be accompanied by a suitably long bangs. The advantage is that you can curl or straighten your hair at any time and it will always look neat.

Boy’s cut with bangs

Pixie cut is nicknamed this style abroad. It is ideal for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and show the surroundings their beautiful face. Since the hair is really very short (so it does not cover the cheekbones or the chin) so that its owner does not feel too exposed, she should choose a structured cut bangs towards the ears. A completely equal bangs will not do good in this case.

Halved bangs

Women who like to stand out and have long hair can try a split bang. The basis is longer hair with a path in the middle of the head, which turns into a medium-cut bangs. (Which should be longer than you would cut it off if you wore it in the middle of your face. Cut calmly to the length of the mouth.) Once shortened, divide the bangs in the middle and twist it on both sides of the face.

Straight bangs with a longer endshort hair with bangs

The last variant is an elegant straight bangs that have a little longer hair on both sides than in the middle. (While it may end just above the eyes in the middle, it may point to the ears at the edge.) This cut is ideal for both short and long hair. It stands out especially if you like wearing braids and cops.

If you have fine and weak hair by nature that is not suitable for bangs, you can cheat a little and get a special bang hair that you just color to match the color of your pike.

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